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We’re Here…A Long Overdue Update

Posted on: August 22, 2009

At last, I am in Knoxville!! Milan and I moved into our apartment on Tuesday, and have been moving in ever since. Basically from last Saturday until now I have been too busy with moving and other things to blog. Now I finally feel like I have a free moment. I’m just going to give a quick recap of the past week.

The weekend before I left I was just catching up with both old and new friends as well as family before I had to leave. It was bittersweet, and I felt especially nervous and sad as we began our drive early Monday morning. There were three cars and four people, and we managed to get to Tennessee in one day (and in one piece). We then moved into The Reserve where I had a little bit of a meltdown. This is a lesson for all of you out there: NEVER move into a place you have not seen in person. I was not as in love with this place as I was with Kingston Pointe, but you win some, you lose some I guess. The place is nice and I like it to a point where I feel I could live here. The apartment is coming together right now, even though it still feels empty. I just need to get my piano together and pictures hung up or I will be driven crazy.

Anyway, the past few days for me have been spent exploring the city, shopping for things I need, and unpacking. I also had my drug test and physical for work in order to clear me. I am officially cleared to work…I just need my social security card. I also need to change my lisence to a Tennessee one so I can drive vans for Peninsula. I will feel much more settled in when I start working, so I am looking forward to that. I am not looking forward to waking up early for the next week, but that should not be the case for the duration of the job.

It still feels surreal that I am here, but I’m sure it will sink in once I can meet up with some Knoxville folks and work. I will be posting pictures tomorrow of the apartment and of the surroundings. Until now, I am just happy you all know that I’m alive and am doing well so far.


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well ash I’m very glad the place is growing on you – i know it will even more once we have things in here 🙂 i’m also glad that it ended up being closer to work and even though i know you had your heart set on Kingston Pointe, I hope that you appreciate the better neighborhood and being safe – despite the stairs lol.

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