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Posted on: August 13, 2009

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. These past couple days have been slightly hectic. My first bit of news is good. Milan got the job with her church, so now she has two good sources of income coming in. She does have to be there by Tuesday, though, which is the day before I have to be there. So, all in all, me pushing my drug test and physical to Wednesday did not make that much of a difference. Still, I’m very happy for Milan. This way, she will not have to depend on her parents for her income anymore.

On the Lauren front, I don’t know what to think. I still have not seen any evidence that she is trying to make this happen. We called her this past Saturday to tell her the good news that we have gotten into Kingston Pointe, but she told us she couldn’t talk and that she would call us back. It is now Thursday, and still no call. I have a feeling she does not want to stress herself out and that talking to us would definitely cause stress for her. However, I think that excuse (if that is her excuse) is lame. Milan and I have now resigned ourselves to the fact that she really is not concerned about this despite the fact we have been working our butts off. We have also accepted she will likely not be joining us. She might say one thing, but her actions say quite another. Honestly, I would not love her any less if she decided not to join us. I would still be her friend and love her to pieces. It is the refusing to be honest with us and discussing her plans with us that is making me mad. If this friendship does crumble, it will be because of that rather than her backing out.

Speaking of Kingston Pointe, I might not be living there now. This morning I just faxed in an application for another apartment complex that is in a nicer area, has nicer accommodations, and is only slightly more expensive than Kingston Pointe. Milan found it while she was up in Tennessee doing her job interviews. At first I was annoyed because I was not fond of the plans being shaken up only a week before we were supposed to leave. I was also mad about having to pay more for aesthetic things that I did not care about. What I did care about was distance to my job, ease of access, and amenities. Even though the first two were not really fulfilled, the last one is pretty much equal to Kingston Pointe. This place is called the Reserve at Westland, and I guess this will be where we are going. I made the decision pretty quick because there really was no time to think about it. We had to decide ASAP so that we would know where we were going. Also, I knew that if Kingston Pointe did not live up to our expectations, then I would be blamed and resented for it. I decided it would be worth it to just go with the nicer place and pay a little more.I was nervous enough about the rent for KP and now I will be paying $25 more. I know that does not seem like much, but it still makes me a bit uneasy. That would be equal to my half of the cable/internet bill. However, if we sign a 12 month lease we get a $750 rent credit. That will ease the pain during my job’s probationary period. In case you’re wondering, no we did not (could not) consult Lauren on this, for obvious reasons.

Another change has come with moving our stuff. Milan’s dad said he was going to rent a trailer to tow behind his Yukon, which makes my life SO much easier. I thought I would either have to drive a truck and tow my car, or hire a moving company that paid an arm and a leg. This was back when I did not know Milan’s parents were coming with us. My parents can’t make it because my mom has to work (first day of school and she’s a teacher) and my dad is moving my sister into FSU. Having Milan’s parents there will be much easier for both of us. It will also be nice since I don’t have to make the drive by myself. Milan and I will probably switch off driving my car, and Carlin and Russell (Milan’s parents) will drive the other cars. I feel much more at ease now about this move, even though having everything settled and definite will quell ALL my anxiety.

I’m still worried they are going to find cancer or something when I go in for my physical. I don’t know. I’m paranoid like that. Anyway, that’s what’s happening and I hope you all continue to pray for us.


2 Responses to "Ch-ch-ch-changes"

sounds liek the new place is great…sorry not as close to work but heard from yo mama it was in a nicer neighborhood and that <ilan knows some people livign there..see ay tomorrow

Wow! So much is happening for you, Ash! Just wanted to post that I am praying for you and Milan. I know this move will be great for you both. Can’t wait to come and visit you girls in TN! 🙂

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